Tweaks for the Windows Registry Editor (REGEDIT)

Why RegEditX?

RegEditX makes your registry editing more productive than ever. RegEditX extends the standard Windows Registry Editor (REGEDIT), so you don't have to learn new ways of accomplishing tasks you already know how to perform. Just keep using the same familiar Registry Editor --- more efficiently.

Once you've tried RegEditX, you won't want to edit the registry any other way

Extensions Overview

The new toolbar contains buttons to launch the innovative Registry Crawler for lightning fast searches and bookmarks.

The new combo box under the menu bar tracks the registry keys which you have viewed or edited. Continue using REGEDIT as you did before --- expand keys in the tree or edit them in the list --- and these keys automatically appear in the combo box. Then navigate back to them by selecting them from the combo box.

The new combo box also lets you Cut, Copy, and Paste keys to and from the Windows clipboard. Many online documents contain references to keys such as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DCSoft\RegEditX. Simply copy this text to the clipboard and paste it into the combo box to instantly navigate to it.

The list columns are "automagically" resized to optimally show key values - no more mouse gyrations to resize columns as you navigate to different keys.

A RegEditX pull-down menu is added to manage RegEditX.

Run RegEditX from any command-line (or open the Start menu and select Run) simply by typing "RegEditX ".


Works with Windows 98 / ME / 2K / XP and VISTA.



REGEDITX2.0.EXEp    |   Official Website