Ever had a movie where you could only hear the sound and there were no video? Or only video and no sound? That's almost certainly a codec missing! Codec Installer is here to help you understand which codec you need and to let you install it in minutes. Codec Installer is a Windows program that detects the Audio and Video codec's installed on your system, analyzes files to understand which codec's they require and suggests you to install them.


DVD43 is a free DVD decryption utility that runs in the background and decrypts DVDs. This site will help you find sites that host DVD43 so you don't have to pay money for a decrypter. This website does not host the DVD43 setup file and is not affiliated with the authors of DVD43.

WHAT DOES IT DO?:  DVD43 will decrypt (unlock) a movie DVD so that your copy program can read it. If the DVD structure is non standard, your copy program needs to take care of that. I have included a list of programs (at the bottom of this page) which work well with DVD43 in order of their capability (based on my testing).

HOW TO INSTALL: Run the setup file which installs DVD43 and leaves a happy face icon on your task bar. DVD43 will run in the background and decrypt movies on the fly.

HOW TO USE DVD43: Insert the DVD you want to copy and wait for DVD43 to detect it (smiley face turns green). Start your DVD copy software and copy your movie.


Windows 7 (32 bit), Vista (32 bit), Windows XP, and Windows 2000


DVD43_4-6-0_Setup.exe    |   Official Website