Cobian Herald

Cobian Herald is a mailing list program that takes an incoming letter and distributes it to all the members of the list. The program works as a service and can be run on Windows NT,2000,XP,2003,Vista or any other NT based system.

Cobian Herald is not a mail server. It needs an external POP3 server and an external SMTP server to work.

Cobian Herald only supports POP3

Cobian Herald does not use SSL


The program checks one or more POP3 accounts periodically. If it finds a letter in that account, it sends it forward to all the members of the current list.

Lets say that you want to make a mailing list. You create a POP3 account in some server, with the address You configure the program to check this account every 3 minutes. You then add all the addresses of the persons who will be members of this list. When somebody sends a letter to, the program will retrieve the letter and send it to all the members of the list.

If you make the list "Open", any user can join the list, by sending a message to the list address with the subject #REGISTER#. Any member of the list can unregister by sending a letter with the subject #UNREGISTER#.

If you set up the list to be closed, nobody can register and you, as the administrator, must add the address manually. All the operations can be logged and you can also save all incoming letters into a folder.

Cobian Herald is freeware for everybody to use, even for commercial organizations. The program was created to solve my needs and may NOT be developed further. Serious bugs should be fixed, though.


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