Chainsaw File Splitter

Chainsaw File Splitter 

A free file splitting tool Split large files into smaller ones.


Step1: Select the desired chunk size.
Step2: Drag and drop large file onto the big chainsaw button.
The file is instantly split into chunks. Along with the parts there comes a batch file which puts them together again.

System requirements:

Runs on Windows Win2000 and Windows XP

Chainsaw questions and answers:

Q: How do I install Chainsaw?< br/> A: Simply copy chainsaw.exe and chainsaw.exe.manifest into a directory of your choice

Q: How do I uninstall Chainsaw?
A: Delete chainsaw.exe and chainsaw.exe.manifest

Q: On which versions of Windows does Chainsaw run?
A: I tested it on Windows2000 and WinXP.

Q:When I run Chainsaw I get the message that MFC71.dll is missing.
A:That DLL is from Microsoft. You can download that DLL from my website too, Click to download Install it in C:\WINDOWS\System32.

Q: How do I split a file with Chainsaw?
A: Adjust the settings on the control panel and then drag and drop the file onto the big Chainsaw button. Chainsaw will split the file into a number of .chunk files plus a .bat file.
Each .chunk file is just a piece of the original file. Chainsaw does not use a special file format for these. Also the original file is never modified.
Myfile will be split into
Myfile.chunk1, Myfile.chunk2, Myfile.chunk3... plus myfile_Merge.bat

Q: How do I put the chunks together again?
A: You don't need Chainsaw to put the chunks together again. Copy all the .chunk files and the .bat file into the destination directory.
Make sure that there is enough space for the original file. Then run the .bat file.
The .chunk files are merged.
The .chunk files are automatically deleted. If you need to keep them, you'll have to save them at a different location before you run the .bat file.

Note: on some Win95 configurations you cannot merge the files on the desktop. Use any other directory instead.

Q: The .bat file fails. What can I do?
A: Modify the .bat file by inserting a "pause" command after each line. Then run the .bat file in a command window (DOS-Box).
The .bat file now runs interactively. In most cases if something goes wrong, you will get an error message. The .bat file is straightforward and often problems can be solved by editing it.

Q: What is the maximum input file size?
A: Theoretically the filesize is 2 64 Bytes ( = 1GB times 1 GB times 16) However this is impractial. The largest known processed file was 11GB huge. I cannot guarantee a file size beyond that. If you reach the limit, tell me.

Q: Can I abort a file splitting while it is running?
A: Yes any time by clicking on the Close button.

Q: Can Chainsaw be run as a command line tool?
A: If you supply parameters to chainsaw, it runs in silent mode without the dialog box. Thus you may use it in batch processing.
Errors will be reported by a message box.
The command line format is: chainsaw file [ -c chunksize] [-d destpath]
file: the file to split. Must be the first parameter.
chunksize: size as integer with dimension which can be KB, MB or GB, for example 500KB.
Decimals will be ignored. Instead of 1.4MB write 1400KB.
The default is 1MB.
destpath: output path
example: chainsaw c:\myfiles\bigone.bmp -c 1MB -d c:\temp

Q: How can I get updates or information?
A: You can always get the latest version from Chainsaw's homepage
I invite you to subscribe to the chainsaw-filesplitter newsgroup at Yahoo! where I will post news about Chainsaw.

Q: How much is Chainsaw?
A:Chainsaw is absolutely free. You may make as many copies as you like.


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