1-4a Renamer

1-4a Renamer

One of the best tools to rename a lot of files at once. Perfect for renaming mp3s, Jpgs, pictures and more. Often used functions are built-in.
Watch changes immediately (WYSIWYG),UNDO Loaded with functions Change case,Insert Replace,(Re)Number,(dec/hex/oct/lat/exc) with HUGE numbers,shorten files to 64 chars(CD-Rs),Swapping parts within file, Enhanced sort. Immediate problem check...
With 1-4a rename you'll get the before and after view. Side by side.
Optimized for large amounts of mp3 files or jpg files or any other file type.


  • A file renamer which renames many files at once
  • Has Undo
  • You can preview changes instantly, thus no danger
  • Now with STAR TREK stardate/startime
  • Tons of functions (see features)
  • Perfect for .jpg, .mp3, digital camera files...
  • Works in networks and with .subdirectories (recursively)
  • Fast! Even with many files


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