Word 2003 Opens Very Slow on Windows XP

Check the size of your Normal.dot file. If it is bigger than a few hundred K, it may be the source of your problem.

To check, open your templates folder:

Click start, go to run and type in %APPDATA%/Microsoft/Templates

Check out Normal.dot

If it is huge:

  • Close Word
  • rename Normal.dot to (for example) Old_Normal.dot
  • start Word again.
  • Tools than Templates and Addins
  • Click on Organizer
  • In the Organizer, close the current file (the other file open will be Normal click Open File and select Old_Normal.dot. Copy any of the styles, autotext,toolbars, and macros that you want to Normal.dot
  • Hold down the Shift key and select files then Save Add
  • Exit word.
  • Make a copy of Normal.dot to SaveNormal.dot. This will be the recovery Normal.dot that you can recover from in the future.
  • I suggest that you then right click on Normal.dot, select properties and select read-only

You should now have a fast Word startup again!