Restore deleted whole pst file, from the C :\ Users\Name\Documents\Outlook Files.


MS Office version: 2007 (or older)

Navigate to the folder where your Outlook.pst (Outlook Data File) was previously saved. It's usually at:


Once here click on the address bar and copy this entire path.

Then start a new notepad instance either from the Start Menu or by pressing Win+R and typing 'notepad' then hit enter.

Once started leave the notepad blank (make sure it's absolutely blank and not even a space) and from the 'File' menu select 'Save As'. in the file type select 'All Files' and name it as 'Outlook.pst' with the 'O' in uppercase. and save it in the exact location where it was earlier saved (the one we had copied: C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook) or else you might need to navigate to this location from Outlook when you start it.

Once you have saved this file start Outlook and if it doesn't detect the file, it will ask you to point it to where you saved your blank file. Select it and Voila! Brand new Outlook all cleaned up.