This is not a conflict as much as a configuration issue.

Internet Explorer is trying to be helpful. And, while that works in many cases, being helpful can also get in the way.

But it's easy to fix.

In an effort to make dialing up easier, Internet Explorer (and Outlook Express, by the way) will automatically do it for you if it sees there's no dial-up connection when it starts. Fire up Internet Explorer, and "all the right things" just happen, and you're connected and surfing in a single step.

That made a lot sense when dial-up was the most common mechanism to connect to the internet. These days with always-on and other types of connections, it can get in the way.

As you're experiencing.

To turn it off, fire up Internet Explorer (cancelling any attempts to dial on the way):

  • Click on the Tools menu
  • Click on the Internet Options menu item
  • Click on the Connections tab

You should now see something very similar to picutre below:


In the center of that dialog box you'll see the option that allows you to control when IE (and Outlook Express) should dial a connection for you.

If you've been relying on IE or OE to dial the phone for you, to dial the phone now you can right click on your dialup connection in the Network Connections section of Control Panel:


And click on the Connect menu item. To disconnect, that right click on that again, and you'll see that there is a Disconnect item.


I you are still getting the pop up, it is most likely due to a dial up setting in Outlook or Outlook Express Email programs wanting to connect.

For this example I will walk through Outlook 2003

  • Open Outlook 2003
  • Move over to TOOLS
  • Scroll down to EMAIL ACCOUNTS
  • Dot will be in the "View or change existing e-mail accounts"
  • Click the NEXT button
  • If you have multiple email accounts choose the appropriate account, if not there will only be one and select/highlight it.
  • Click the CHANGE button
  • Click the MORE SETTINGS button
  • Click the CONNECTION tab
  • Put a dot in the "Connect using my local area connection"
  • Click the OK button and you may now close Outlook email

That should solve your dial up box coming up when you are on network or Wi-Fi connection.