How to Convert H264 Files to DVD With Nero Vision

Step 1
Open Nero Vision.

Step 2
Click on "Make DVD," then select "DVD Video" from the main screen. You can also make Video CDs from H264 files, which is nice if you don't have a DVD burner or only have a short amount of video to convert.

Step 3
Click on "Add Video Files..." and browse your hard drive for the H264 file you're going to convert. Check the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner of the screen to make sure that the kind of DVD (DVD5 or DVD9) matches the one to which you'll be burning.

Step 4
Wait for Nero Vision to load the H264 file into the Content window. Click "Next" when it's finished.

Step 5
Create a menu for your DVD. If you're not interested in making one, click on the drop-down menu labeled "Menus to Use" and select "Do Not Create a Menu." When your menu is finished, click "Next."

Step 6
Preview your project to make sure the correct video file was loaded and that the menus work like you want them to function. When you're ready to burn the DVD, click "Next."

Step 7
Mouse over the tab labeled "Burn To..." and select your DVD writer from the list of available drives. If you'd rather keep the converted files on your computer, click on "Write To Hard Disk Folder" instead.

Step 8
Mouse over the "Volume Name" tab and enter a name for your DVD.

Step 9
Click on "Burn" when you're ready to finish the conversion process.